Beak & Sons modular display

Beak & Sons are a family butcher dating back to 1910.

We were asked by their Branding Agency to build a re-usable modular display for the Sydney Food and Wine expo.Beak and Sons display

The display stand was to be used at a number of shows and therefore needed to be quick to set up and easy to store.


This was achieved using a combination of printed fabrics hung from the shell scheme walls with Bannerblock™ as the backdrop, rented fridge and cold display for their products (sausages, burgers and meatballs) and our T3 AirframeT3 Airframe counter for the counters.



Additional graphic cladding complete with swing doors gave the look and feel of a traditional Butchers shop, cleverly designed by our friends at Bangers & Tash.

Beak and Sons concept
Design by Bangers & Tash



Installed by one of our professionals in under 4 hours.