Angel Frame™

Angel Frame header image
Angel Frame Billboard
External wall mounted billboard

Angel Frame is the sister to Monster Frame and achieves equally impressive outdoor billboards and signs, but with a hidden frame. This gives your advertisements the ‘stretch canvas’ look.

The modular design allows for easy deconstruction and relocation. An existing frame can also be ‘resized’ should the need arise – this gives significant cost savings in modification rather than replacement.

Angel Frame profile
Aluminium extruded profile for superior strength


Angel Frame is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications such as Advertising signage (Billboards), temporary event signs and Pop Up shop locations.

Angel Frame banner clamp
Banners attached under tension











Banners are connected under tension to the rear of the frame using the banner clamp and can be easily swapped with no tools required, this reduces on-going installer costs.

Angel Frame components
Modular construction for easy relocation
Angel Frame connector
Connector joins frame profiles
Angel Frame canvas
Hidden frame with wrapped edges











Billboards or Advertising Hoardings are large outdoor structures for advertising products and services, they are generally found in high-traffic areas alongside busy roads and freeways, on top of buildings and around Airports. Billboards display advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers. A billboard can be made to any size and mounted to walls or be free standing.

Advertisements are designed to catch a person’s attention and quickly create an impression or call to action. The content is blunt and to the point as the message needs to register with the viewer in a matter of seconds.

Some billboard advertisements are 3D and protrude outside the actual space given to them, whilst others can be electronic showing multiple messages in a loop.



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