Monster Frame™

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Wall mounted Monster Frame

Monster Frame, the Patented system for displaying your large advertising banners. It has a simple attachment system for banners made of pvc, vinyl or fabric intended for either outdoor or indoor environments. Avant garde design and high quality best describe this extremely solid and durable product, each and every part may be used again and again.

Monster Frame is versatile enough to be used in many situations such as real estate boards, mobile advertising, scaffold signs, hoardings and super sites.

Diecast corner pieces ensure a perfect right angle and allow the pre-fabricated Monster Frame to be shipped to site in flat pack form, saving on freight costs and making it a truly portable billboard.


Billboards or Advertising Hoardings are large outdoor structures for advertising products and

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Linked banners

services, they are generally found in high-traffic areas alongside busy roads and freeways, on top of buildings and around Airports. Billboards display advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers. A billboard can be made to any size and mounted to walls or be free standing.

Advertisements are designed to catch a person’s attention and quickly create an impression or call to action. The content is blunt and to the point as the message needs to register with the viewer in a matter of seconds. Some billboard advertisements are 3D and protrude outside the actual space given to them, whilst others can be electronic showing multiple messages in a loop.



Monster Frame profile image
Monster Frame profile
Monster Frame T-section image
T-section component
monster Frame corner image
Corner connectors








With the T-connector multiple banners can be set in one frame. The banner can be attached or removed by a SINGLE person, WITHOUT having to dismantle the structure and WITHOUT the need for special tools.

Monster Frame spring image
Spring fitting for eyelets
Monster Frame banner clamp image
Banner clamp fitting


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