Uniting Church signage

After a fire forced the re-build of part of the Church and its buildings at Quakers Hill, new internal and external signs were required. Our installers needed to remove some of the fire damaged signs prior to installing the new.

Wesley and Preschool signs
Noah’s Ark and Family Centre
UCA external signs
Way finder and main logo








To help guide traffic, an in-ground way finding  sign was erected on the entry road along with external building signs to identify the Church, Wesley Family Centre and Noah’s Ark Preschool.


Church sign, inside looking out
Vinyl double sided sign
Church sign, outside looking in
Vinyl double sided sign
Noah's Ark & Family Centre
Vinyl profile cut signs








We designed and printed a wallpaper mural for the Preschool as well as generating all the sign artwork. Meeting room door sliders were manufactured for the Family Centre consulting rooms.

Door sliders
Wesley Family Centre
Wallpaper mural
Noah’s Ark Preschool











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