V History wall

The story of V started centuries ago, deep in the Amazon with the original overachievers – the Amazonian Indians. Launching into the Australian market in 1999, V Guarana Energy Drink – delivering all the pick-me-up qualities of caffeine and guarana in an iconic slimline green can.

V history wall left
Wallpaper Mural


The history of the V brand is depicted in this mural. Printed on Digital Wallpaper to full ceiling height, this modern day representation of cave art shows the Brand’s development since its origins back in 1999.

Wallpaper mural
V history wall







Installed in panels with a standard wallpaper paste which allows for easy removal and replacement. Unlike popular self adhesive vinyls which either fail over time or require extensive wall repair once removed, the glue on the wallpaper is re-activated with water or steam.

Blank wall
Bare wall
Wallpaper panel
First panel
Wallpaper panels
Untrimmed mural








Wallpaper installation video


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