NBN Discovery Centre refit

The second fit out of the Discovery Centre coincided with the launch of NBN Co’s rebrand. Our brief was simple: work with their Branding Agency to create a free flowing space that would take the audience through the process of building a National Broadband Network.

NBN Discovery Centre entry
Entry doors


We updated the clear glass entry with a frosted film that is printed in reverse and mounted on the inside of the glass.

NBN entry inside
Inside view

A simple but effective solution.









Moving around the Discovery Centre in a clockwise direction the display starts with the external

NBN infrastructure
Outside the home

infrastructure. This is the technology found out in the street and the display is designed to showcase these items…. down to the picket fence!


NBN in-home equipment
Inside the home

Next we move into the interior, showcasing equipment within your house and in the basement of an apartment block





NBN Boardroom mural
Digital Wallpaper
NBN Connected home
Stage backdrop
3D logo
NBN blue cabinets
Custom plinths








NBN’s Sky Muster™ satellite is due for launch on 1st October 2015. Models of the rocket, satellite and tracking dish are displayed in the Discovery Centre with a Digital Wallpaper backdrop of the earth shot from space.Rocket and Sky Muster™ satellite

Custom window blinds


An area is set aside to show the speed of the NBN network against traditional ADSL. The background graphic is printed onto custom made window blinds.






Wallpaper installation video


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