Geo T3 Display

Geo T3 stand
Expo display at Hotel show


The GEO Group Australia is the country’s leading provider of outsourced correctional services. Winning their first contracts in Queensland and New South Wales way back in 1992.

As part of their ongoing recruitment of new staff in this expanding business, a need to attend expo’s and events to find key personnel meant an upgrade to their display stand, and they turned to us.



Geo T3 frame
T3 Framework


We started with an initial concept design which was narrowed down to the T3 Airframe as the most suitable base structure for the display,

Geo iPad counter
Portable Counter



we added in portable counters with secure iPad holders to allow for applicant registration.




Geo backwall graphics


We worked with their Designers to create targeted, high impact graphics for the exhibit and produced customised instruction manuals to allow for self set-up of the display.











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