NL-Tec Fabripole Display


NL-Tec, a Western Australia based Medical Product and Technology Company required a new trade show display for their up coming events and conferences.

NL-Tec Render 6x3m
6x3m Fabripole design

Face Displays have produced many displays for NL-Tec over the years, including Pull Up banners and Pop Up portable displays.

Our Fabripole system was chosen for the task and we set about creating a structural design that would suit the varied exhibit booth sizes and venues they attend.

NL-Tec 3x3m frame
3x3m Fabripole frame
NL-Tec 6x3m frame
6x3m Fabripole frame


This was achieved using CAD software to add and change components until the desired design was agreed upon. This was a back wall structure that could be configured for 3m or 6m spaces with additional offset banner frames that have the option of holding LCD screens or used independently of the back wall.

NL-Tec Fabripole banner
Fabripole banner

We then set about generating the artwork that would be printed on the backdrop and the offset banners. A generic background was decided upon, with product specific banners to highlight the raised banners.

NL-Tec artwork
Artwork mock up








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