StickiGRIP vehicle decals

NBN Co were looking for an alternative solution to their temporary vehicle logo’s. They had previously used magnetic signs which need to be stored completely flat, are heavy when shipped in bulk and can come off the vehicle at freeway speeds.

NBN vehicle decals
StickiGRIP decals
StickiGRIP adhesive backing
Adhesive backing

Designed for use on sub contractor vehicles, the new signs needed to be easily applied without an expert installer (self install), easily removed and more importantly, re-used. The cost of StickiGRIP decals are cheaper than magnetic ones.

StickiGRIP install 1StickiGRIP install 2

StickiGRIP install 3

The breathable air channels in the adhesive of StickiGRIP allow the decal to be applied bubble free and without the use of any tools or specialist equipment.


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